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  15 June 2014 – Returned from a (long overdue) honeymoon with Tara in Orlando, Florida.  
  28 December 2014Married Tara and had a fantastic party with family and friends. A big, big, big day.  
  15 August 2014 – My first official day of employment at Saint Louis University. A big, big day.  
  31 July 2013 – Completed our cross-country drive from Los Angeles to St. Louis. We took nine days total and traveled through Palm Springs, Laughlin (NV), the Grand Canyon (AZ), Arches National Park (UT), Canyonlands National Park (UT), Denver, Dodge City (KS), Topeka, and Kansas City. You can view some pictures of the scenery on the blog.  
  26 March 2013 – Starting in August, I will be the newest Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Saint Louis University! You can track our research at our new group Web site.  
  19 February 2013 – The lovely Miss Tara Lawrence has accepted my proposal of marriage. Yay!  
  25 October 2012 – Attended my second meeting in Washington with the staff of Chemical & Engineering News as a member of the magazine's advisory board.  
  3 October 2012 – Interviewed by a reporter from Slate and quoted extensively in an article on the upcoming announcements of the Nobel Prizes.  
  27 August 2012 – Presented a poster at AbGradCon 2012.  
  3 August 2012 – Appointed as an inaugural member of Chemical & Engineering News' Online Advisory Board. Currently, I'm the only member to serve on both the regular and online boards. Thanks for the votes of confidence, Rachel & Rudy!  
  1 August 2012 – Contributed the Blogroll column for the August issue of Nature Chemistry. Thanks for the opportunity, Stu!  
  30 July 2012 – Beth Halford's Newscripts column in Chemical & Engineering News features a ChemBark post on chemistry-themed weddings—a testament to the creativity of my colleagues in the Gray Group!  
  27 July 2012 – Quoted in a news article by Jim Morris at The Center for Public Integrity on the fatal t-butyllithium laboratory accident at UCLA.  
  22 May 2012 – ChemBark's coverage of the Breslow/JACS duplication story is mentioned in both C&EN and Nature Chemistry.  
  22 March 2012 – A ChemBark post on chemophobia is highlighted in the April issue of Nature Chemistry.  
  3 February 2012 – The Solar Army program for catalyst discovery is highlighted in the San Marino Titan Shield.  
  19 October 2011 – Attended my first advisory board meeting for Chemical & Engineering News in Washington, DC.  
  1 September 2011 – Presented a talk and a poster on our thioester projects at the 242nd ACS National Meeting in Denver, Colorado.  
  23 August 2011 – ChemBark's investigative report and analysis of the scientific misconduct of Bengü Sezen at Columbia University is lauded in the September 2011 issue of Nature Chemistry.  
  13 August 2011 – Delivered an alumni lecture at the annual Beckman Scholars & Young Investigators Symposium.  
  5 July 2011 – Our first paper on thioesters and the origin of life has been accepted for publication in Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres. The paper can be accessed here.  
  20 June 2011Pictured in Chemical & Engineering News with the ACS award winners at the International Science and Engineering Fair.  
  12 May 2011 – Served as lead judge for the American Chemical Society at the 2011 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Los Angeles.  
  8 April 2011 – Our first manuscript dealing with research on the origin of life submitted for publication!  
  22 March 2011 – Began a three-year term on the advisory board for Chemical & Engineering News.  
  6 February 2011 – Wrote a book review of a text on lab safety for students for the February issue of Nature Chemistry.  
  7 October 2010Quoted in USA Today on the 2010 Nobel Prize in's funny where blog posts can lead.  
  12 August 2010 – Re-launched ChemBark (my blog on the world of chemical research).  
  21 May 2010Highlights in Chemical Technology (Chemistry World) has published a feature of our recent article in J. Mater. Chem. on patterning precipitates in paper. The feature is here and the paper can be accessed (for free) here. Note: The feature introduces an error by fusing two seperate experiments together; we used patterns of gadolinium hydroxide (not copper hydroxide) to manipulate paper with gradients of magnetic field. You need a substance with a large magnetic susceptibility to be able to do this with bar magnets.  
  14 May 2010 – Big day...bound dissertation officially submitted to Harvard, a paper published on-line in J. Mater. Chem., and another paper accepted by Soft Matter.  
  9 May 2010 – Welcome to the reformatted site. This place has been in desperate need of an update for quite some time. I've eliminated most of the late-90s cheesiness at the expense of increased chemtastic nerdiness. Let me know if anything's broken or if you're having compatibility issues with a specific browser.  
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