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Paul J. Bracher
  Monsanto Hall – Chemistry                    
bracher (at)
  3501 Laclede Avenue           
  St. Louis, MO 63103                    
(314) 977-2841
    Saint Louis University St. Louis, MO 2013–present    
      Assistant Professor            
      Department of Chemistry, College of Arts and Sciences            
    California Institute of Technology Pasadena, CA
      Postdoctoral Scholar in Chemistry            
      Advisor: Professor Harry B. Gray                    
    Harvard University Cambridge, MA
      Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry            
      Advisor: Professor George M. Whitesides            
      Thesis Title: "I. Delivery Templates of Patterned Paper for the Fabrication of Planar Materials  
            II. Thiol–Thioester Exchange as a Reversible, Covalent Binding Interaction"  
    New York University New York, NY
      Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with Departmental Honors, Summa Cum Laude            
      Unweighted Cumulative GPA: 3.966/4.000; GPA in Major: 4.000/4.000            
      Advisor: Professor David I. Schuster            
      Thesis Title: "The Synthesis and Photophysics of Porphyrin–Fullerene Dyads"  
    Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Alexandria, VA
      Fairfax County Advanced Studies Diploma            
      Unweighted Cumulative GPA: 4.000/4.000            
      Advisor: Dr. John Liebermann, Jr. – Chemical Analysis Laboratory            
      Senior Project: "The Effect of Counteranion Structure on the Critical Micelle Concentration of TTA"  
    National Science Foundation American Competitiveness in Chemistry Postdoctoral Fellow
    Fieser Student Lecture Prize at Harvard
    Harvard Origins-of-Life Initiative Fellow
    Dudley R. Herschbach Teaching Award at Harvard
    Harvard Committee on Undergraduate Education Certificate of Distinction in Teaching
    National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow
    Albert Borgman/Phi Beta Kappa Prize for Best Thesis in the Sciences at NYU
    NYU College of Arts and Science Class Commencement Representative
    NYU Distinguished Chemist / Departmental Scholar Award 2002    
    New York University Honors Scholar 2002    
    Phi Beta Kappa, Beta of New York Chapter 2001    
    Barry M. Goldwater Scholar 2001    
    Harold Seidenstein Memorial Award in Chemistry at NYU 2001    
    Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation Research Scholar 2000    
    Phi Lambda Upsilon, Alpha Lambda Chapter, Honorary Chemistry Society 2000    
    Hema Sakhrani Memorial Award in Chemistry at NYU 1999    
    Samuel F.B. Morse Scholar at NYU 1998–2002    
    United States Office of Naval Research Scholar 1998    
    NYU College of Arts and Science Dean's List 1998–2002    
    United States National Chemistry Olympiad Team
    USA Today All-USA High School Academic Team
    Virginia Science Talent Search Grand Prize
    Westinghouse/Intel Science Talent Search Finalist
    Saint Louis University            
      Instructor for Chem 343: "Principles of Organic Chemistry II" Summer 2014    
      Instructor for Chem 346: "Organic Chemistry I" Fall 2013    
      Instructor for Chem 347: "Organic Chemistry II" Spring 2014    
      Instructor for Chem 391: "Introduction to Chemical Literature" Fall 2013    
      Co-Instructor for Chem 500: "Introduction to Chemical Research" Summer 2014    
    Harvard University            
      Teaching Fellow for Chem 27: "The Organic Chemistry of Life" Spring 2003    
      Teaching Fellow for Chem 30: "Organic Chemistry" Fall 2003, 2004    
    New York University            
      Teaching Assistant for "Organic Chemistry Laboratory II" Spring 2000    
    17)    Russell, M.J.; Barge, L.M.; Bhartia, R.; Bocanegra, D.; Bracher, P.J.; Branscomb, E.; Kidd, R.; McGlynn, S.; Meier, D.H.; Nitschke, W.; Shibuya, T.; Vance, S.; White, L.; Kanik, I. “The Drive to Life on Wet and Icy Worlds.” Astrobiology, 2014, 14, 308–343. (DOI)    
    16)    Bracher, P.J.; Gray, H.B. H.N. Cheng, S. Shah, and M.L. Wu (eds.) "Chemists: Public Outreach is an Essential Investment of Time, not a Waste of It." in Vision 2025 – How to Succeed in the Global Chemistry Enterprise, ACS Symposium Series 1157, ACS Books: Washington, DC, 2014, pp. 37–50. (DOI)    
    15)    Marinescu, S.C.; Bracher, P.J.; Winkler, J.R.; Gray, H.B.  “Solar Fuels.”  AIP Conf. Proc. 2013, 1519, 64–67. (DOI)    
    14)    Mack, E.T.; Bracher, P.J.; Perez-Castillejos, R.C. “Thermodynamic Analysis to Assist in the Design of Recombinant Antibodies.” Crit. Rev. Immunol. 2012, 32, 503–527. (DOI)    
    13)    Bracher, P.J.; Snyder, P.W.; Bohall, B.R.; Whitesides, G.M. "The Relative Rates of Thiol–Thioester Exchange and Hydrolysis for Alkyl and Aryl Thioalkanoates in Water" Orig. Life Evol. Biosph., 2011, 41, 399–412. (DOI)    
    12)    Derda, R.; Bracher, P.J.  “YouTube or You Lose: Grand Challenges Canada Explores Whether Scientists are Ready for Web-Based Grant Competitions”, ACS Chem. Bio. 2011, 6, 771–774. (DOI)    
    11)    Bracher, P.J. "Safety for Beginners." (An invited review of Laboratory Safety for Chemistry Students, by R.H. Hill, Jr. and D.C. Finster) Nat. Chem., 2011, 3, 91. (DOI)    
Bracher, P.J.; Gupta, M.; Whitesides, G.M. "Patterned Paper as a Template for the Delivery of Reactants in the Fabrication of Planar Materials." Soft Matter, 2010, 6, 4303–4309. (DOI)    
Bracher, P.J.; Gupta, M.; Whitesides, G.M. "Patterning Precipitates of Reactions in Paper." J. Mater. Chem., 2010,
20, 5117–5122. (DOI) (Highlight)
Bracher, P.J.; Gupta, M.; Mack, E.T.; Whitesides, G.M. "Heterogeneous Films of Ionotropic Hydrogels Fabricated from Delivery Templates of Patterned Paper." ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2009, 1, 1807–1812. (DOI)    
Bracher, P.J.; Gupta, M.; Whitesides, G.M. "Shaped Films of Ionotropic Hydrogels Fabricated Using Templates of Patterned Paper." Adv. Mater., 2009, 21, 445–450. (DOI)    
Dickey, M.D.; Lipomi, D.J.; Bracher, P.J.; Whitesides, G.M. "Electrically Addressable Parallel Nanowires with 30 nm Spacing from Micromolding and Nanoskiving." Nano Lett., 2009, 8, 4568–4573. (DOI)    
Winkleman, A.; Bracher, P.J.; Gitlin, I.; Whitesides, G.M. "Fabrication and Manipulation of Ionotropic Hydrogels Cross-Linked by Paramagnetic Ions." Chem. Mater., 2007, 19, 1362–1368. (DOI)    
Krishnamurthy, V.M.; Semetey, V.; Bracher, P.J.; Shen, N.; Whitesides, G.M. "Dependence of Effective Molarity on Linker Length for an Intramolecular Protein-Ligand System." J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2007, 129, 1312–1320. (DOI)    
Li, K.; Bracher, P.J.; Guldi, D.M.; Herranz, M.Á.; Echegoyen, L.; Schuster, D.I. "[60]Fullerene-Stopped Porphyrinorotaxanes: Pronounced Elongationof Charge-Separated-State Lifetimes." J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2004, 126, 9156–9157. (DOI)    
Guldi, D.M.; Nuber, B.; Bracher, P.J.; Alabi, C.A.; MacMahon, S.; Kukol, J.W.; Wilson, S.R.; Schuster, D.I. "Synthesis and Photophysical Study of a Copper-Porphyrin-Styrene-C60 Hybrid." J. Phys. Chem. A, 2003, 107, 3215–3221. (DOI)    
Bracher, P.J.; Schuster, D.I. "Electron Transfer in Functionalized Fullerenes" in Fullerenes: From Synthesis to Optoelectronic Properties, D.M. Guldi and N. Martín (Eds.), Kluwer Academic Publishers: Dordrecht, The Netherlands, 2002. (Link)    
    Patent Applications                        
    2)    Bracher, P.J.; Ryan, D.; Bohall, B.R. “Permanent and Reversible Attachment of Molecules to Substrates Bearing Thioester Bonds,” PCT Int. Appl. WO 2012/051425A1. (Link)    
Whitesides, G.M.; Gupta, M.; Bracher, P.J.; Rozkiewicz, D.; Wong, A; Mack, E. "Shaped Films of Hydrogels Fabricated Using Templates of Patterned Paper." PCT Int. Appl. WO 2009/121038A2. (Link)    
    10    Invited Talks/Lectures    
    7    Talks at Scientific Meetings    
    12    Poster Presentations    
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