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Everything you (n)ever wanted to know about where I went to school
blankHaycock Elementary School        

Haycock Cougar LogoI am a proud alumnus of Haycock Elementary School in Falls Church, Virginia.  My seven years at Haycock generated a ton of good memories: the annual fun fairs and field days, wallball, gravel tag, Agent USA and Oregon Trail (on Apple IIe computers), sixth-grade "wills", chess tournaments, mob-like "community vs. GT" soccer games, and field trips to the National Zoo, Merrifield Post Office, Camp Highroads, and Williamsburg. It seems like all of that stuff was eons ago. Maybe I'll eventually get around to writing about some of the especially memorable things, like the Muppet-themed PE show where I voiced Kermit the Frog, the time in fifth grade when I royally choked in the school spelling bee, and the time my friend Mickey shot me in the head with a BB gun.

      Kindergarten Ms. Terri Horton        
      First Grade Mrs. Judith Weiss        
      Second Grade Mrs. Rose Lynne Schwartz        
      Third Grade Ms. Carrie Thompson        
      Fourth Grade Ms. Deborah Juncker        
      Fifth Grade Ms. Willa Hennigan        
      Sixth Grade Ms. Cynthia Allen        
blankLongfellow Intermediate School        
  Longfellow Lancers LogoAfter Haycock, I went to Longfellow Intermediate School. (No, I don't know who's responsible for naming schools in eastern Fairfax County.) The highlight of my time at Longfellow was math class with the incomparable Mr. Williams. The attention that his classes required set the perfect tone for the rest of high school. Aside from things that happened in Mr. Williams' Room 211, I really don't have any strong memories of my two years at Longfellow. It's kind of weird in that by the time you get used to the place, you're already on your way out the door for high school. And I'm sorry to see that Mr. Lynch has retired; he was a junior-high-school principal straight out of central casting.  
    Seventh Grade
Social Studies Joan Alexander  
Industrial Arts Donald White  
Introduction to Foreign Language Sylvia Shenk  
Math 7 Vern Williams  
Gym 7 JoAnne Packer  
Literary Arts Susan Sloan  
Speech and Theater Gerard Hausheer  
English 7 Kathy Weldon  
Science 7 Elizabeth Hankins  
    Eighth Grade
English 8 Karen Selwyn  
Civics Jane Anne Houser  
Science 8 Diane Hurd  
Spanish I Diane Hall  
Peer Helping JoAnne Packer  
Gym 8 Carolyn Hudson  
Spanish I Diane Hall  
Algebra / Geometry Vern Williams  
Speech and Theater (Deborah?) Wynn  
Gym 8 Dana Aladj  
blankThomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology      
  TJHSST LogoI went to high school at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST). TJ's a great place:  (almost) everyone is studious and takes classes seriously, but the school is less nerdy than you'd think. And unlike most high schools, kids don't steal stuff left on top of lockers or beat each other up (too much). It was at TJ that I was first introduced to organic chemistry and chemical research in the fantastic tech lab run by Dr. John Liebermann. That, obviously, had some major repercussions for me. It was also nice to be able to take science courses on things like optics and marine biology, just to get a taste for the subjects. After TJ, the workload in college was no big deal. In fact, it was probably a little less intense.  
    Ninth Grade
Accelerated Computer Science Michael Steuben  
Algebra II / Trigonometry Andre Edgar Samson  
Gym 9 Paco Roman  
Spanish II Pat Forry  
Biology Larry Gaudreault  
Principles of Engineering & Tech. Erick Gottschalk  
English 9 Roger Green  
    Tenth Grade
AP Computer Science Sally Bellaqcua  
Gym 10 Jim Jullien  
AP Chemistry I John Liebermann, Jr.  
Spanish III JoAnne Becker  
Precalculus Rebecca Barnes  
English 10 Barbara Nelson  
World History Ron Maney  
    Eleventh Grade
Physics Michael White  
AP Chemistry II John Liebermann, Jr.  
AP U.S. History John Struck  
English 11 Jane Gullickson  
AP Calculus BC Gary Young  
Optics Robert Latham  
Marine Biology Lisa Wu  
Spanish IV Deanna Kuhn  
    Twelfth Grade
AP Journalism Carol Lange  
AP Statistics Mary Mortlock  
Geosystems Lance Hill  
U.S. Government Konrad Molter  
Organic Chemistry / Lab John Lieberman, Jr.  
Organic Chemistry / Lab John Lieberman, Jr.  
Philosophy Jay Lamb  
Comparative Religion Jay Lamb  
blankNorthern Virginia Community College      
  NVCC LogoWhile I was in high school, I concurrently enrolled at Northern Virginia Community College for fun. I mainly took computer courses, with some other random subjects mixed in. I'd probably pick the business classes as the most enjoyable. It seemed like the subject matter had the most everyday/practical value. The two composition classes I took allowed me to skip the freshman Expository Writing Program at NYU. For some reason, NYU wouldn't take AP credit for these classes but did accept my transfer credits from Nova. This saved me hours of pain in college; my friends universally hated "expos".  
    Summer 1995 MTH 166 blankPrecalculus and Trigonometry  
    Fall 1995 CIS 125 blankComputer Program Design  
    Summer 1996 BUS 100 blankIntroduction to Business  
        ENG 111 blankCollege Composition I  
        PED 116 blankFitness and Wellness  
        PED 154 blankVolleyball  
    Fall 1996 STD 100 blankOrientation  
        IST 117 blankIntroduction to Microcomputer Software  
    Spring 1997 BUS 200 blankPrinciples of Management  
        ENG 115 blankTechnical Writing  
    Summer 1997 IST 172 blankComputer Programming: C  
        IST 232 blankDatabase Management  
        SPD 110 blankIntroduction to Speech Communication  
    Fall 1997 IST 212 blankIntroduction to Telecommunications  
        IST 216 blankPC Hardware Troubleshooting  
        IST 278 blankComputer Programming: C++  
    Spring 1998 IST 100 blankIntroduction to Information Systems  
        IST 220 blankMicrocomputers: Operating Systems, Architecture, and Hardware  
        IST 251 blankComputer Information System Development  
blankNew York University       1998-2002  
  NYU Torch LogoThe day after being named a finalist in the 1998 Westinghouse competition, I received a package from New York University that contained a course catalogue and the offer of a nice scholarship attached to an undergraduate research grant.  I had always wanted to go to college at a place where I felt wanted, and they certainly showed a lot of interest.  The decision paid off: NYU was a great place to be an undergrad.  The classes were excellent and the chemistry department had a great support structure for undergrad research. As an ancillary benefit, I got to live smack dab in the middle of lower Manhattan and partake in all it had to offer. I was able to get involved in research early, as a freshmen, and my experience in the lab of David Schuster cemented my plans of making a career out of chemistry.  
    Major: Chemistry with Departmental Honors, Summa cum laude  
    Thesis Title: The Synthesis and Photophysical Study of Porphyrin-Fullerene Dyads
    Fall 1998 Honors Organic Chemistry I  
        Organic Chemistry Lab I  
        Calculus III (Multivariable)  
        Seminar:  Brain, Eye, Computers  
        Engineering Design Lab I  
        World Cultures: Latin America  
    Spring 1999 Physics I  
        Honors Organic Chemistry II  
        Organic Chemistry Lab II  
        The Contemporary Chemist  
        Linear Algebra  
    Fall 1999 Physics II  
        Physical Chemistry I  
        Advanced Independent Study/Research  
        Expressive Cultures: Sound  
        Antiquity and the Renaissance  
    Spring 2000 Physics III  
        Physical Chemistry II  
        Organic Chemistry III  
        Advanced Independent Study/Research  
    Spring 2001 Experimental Methods (Physical Chemistry Lab)  
        Advanced Organic and Inorganic Laboratory  
        Societies & Social Sciences: Economic Perspectives  
        Advanced Independent Study/Research  
    Fall 2001 Senior Honors in Chemistry I  
        Inorganic Chemistry  
        Tutorial in Chemistry: Photochemistry  
        Ordinary Differential Equations  
    Spring 2002 Senior Honors in Chemistry II  
        Classical Mythology  
        Intermediate Spanish II  
blankHarvard University       2002-2010  
  NYU Torch LogoFor graduate school, I continued my academic journey up the East Coast to Harvard. It was quite an experience.  
    Degree: Ph.D. in Chemistry  
    Thesis Title: I. Delivery Templates of Patterned Paper for the Fabrication of Planar Materials
        II. Thiol-Thioester Exchange as a Reversible, Covalent Binding Interaction  
    Fall 2002 Chem 153   Organotransitionmetal Chemistry  
        Chem 158   Materials Chemistry  
        Chem 206   Advanced Organic Chemistry  
    Spring 2003 Chem 105   Physical-Organic Chemistry  
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